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Turkey dating show killer

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GETTY People watch damaged boats following the huge quake in Bodrum The year-old, who is due to graduate from Brighton University next week, said they were woken from their sleep when the room shook. Parliament has also seen its fair share of trouble, with violence erupting at least five times this year, according to a rough tally of those covered by the Turkish media. Germans want to know what's wrong with a country that has seen an estimated 50 so-called honor killings in the past decade. Ayhan answered without hesitation: And then he struck again when he thought a new partner was after his money. It looks almost as though someone had carefully combed Hatin's long, dark hair as her head lay on the sidewalk. Investigators now believe that Hatin was once raped by one of the men in her family. Now, the year old is making the rounds on hit Turkish TV shows, part of a ratings race increasingly driven by a thirst for violence. The photos taken by police at the murder scene in Berlin show many fine streams of blood flowing from the young woman's head and merging in a dark, shiny pool. Near the stop, Ayhan pulled out a pistol.

Turkey dating show killer

The photos taken by police at the murder scene in Berlin show many fine streams of blood flowing from the young woman's head and merging in a dark, shiny pool. The latest outburst was on Aug. Before pulling the trigger he allegedly asked Hatin whether she regretted her sins. Later he told the commission investigating his sister's murder that many things in his family's past "weren't pretty. Something terrible had happened in his family when he was 14, he said, something involving his sister. It was like an execution. His fierce rhetoric on the campaign trail before his victory in a presidential election last month was broadcast live by several TV stations every day for months. When this kind of honor is assailed, the way to regain respect might involve fists, knives, or even guns. Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon said the earthquake had caused minor cracks on some old buildings. The Carlito wannabe needed the right girl for his new lifestyle, and a neighborhood schoolgirl named Melek, 18 years old, seemed to fit the bill. ABTA continues to monitor the situation. At age 15, Ayhan was accused of throwing bricks at police officers during the May Day riots in From breakfast shows playing CCTV footage of robberies and road rage incidents to punch-ups in parliament on the nightly news, Turkish television is saturated with images of brutality - a symptom and perhaps cause, psychiatrists and rights workers say, of a culture increasingly numb to violence. Why Melek failed to report her boyfriend's intention to commit murder, and how credible her testimony is. The family prays five times a day and dogs, considered impure by devout Muslims, are barred from the apartment. The earthquake follows a 6. Why, people want to know, is Germany incapable of protecting its female citizens against violent attacks by Muslim husbands, fathers, or brothers? Melek later told the police about a strange conversation she had had with him: Then he claimed that he was secretly in contact with Turkish Islamist Metin Kaplan's "Caliphate State," and in October , apparently in an effort to provoke the authorities, he signed a document in which he claimed that he was "also a member of the PKK" -- the Kurdistan Workers' Party, which is fighting for a Kurdish state. They encourage people to take the law into their own hands, particularly against the backdrop of slow court cases and lenient sentences for violent crime, she said. Melek's parents weren't so sure, especially when they heard that the young man wanted their daughter to wear a head scarf. Melek told the police that while Ayhan told her this story he mimed a pistol with his thumb and index finger and aimed at her head. She was a victim of incest, and under her community's crude code of honor it was not the rapist but the victim who should be held responsible. He told the programme: Hatin's archly conservative father, who comes from the Kurdish province of Erzurum in Turkey's eastern Anatolia region, has lived in Germany for 24 years but hardly speaks a word of German. It is the peak of violent capitalism Literally everything was moving.

Turkey dating show killer

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