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Taurus dating another taurus

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Taurus Likely Occupations A Taurus is a very steadfast and stable human being. Taurus At Their Best A Taurus holds within them extraordinary potential, and they are extremely strong individuals. This pair just seems to bring out the absolute worse in each other. They never want to deal with anything, and will ignore their faults. They are deeply material, and their happiness relies on possessions and security in their lifestyle. A Taurus boasts strong observational skills. They are on the same page about many things in life from finances to where they want to be in 5 years. They are constantly concerned with making everything around them pleasurable and lovely to look at. Because they are creative and love material things, they are often known to be very successful working with food, jewelry and other luxury items. A Taurus prizes loyalty and stability above all else, which feels stifling to any Gemini they date. They are determined, honest, and patient when they need to be, and they have a great approach to solving problems.

Taurus dating another taurus

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility: They never have a problem with laughing at themselves, and are often the first to make a witty joke about something they did or a blunder they experienced. The great thing about a Taurean best friend is that they will appreciate you and accept you for your faults, rather than judging you for them. A Taurus will always compliment the apple of their eye, and can be extremely sweet when they admire someone. They have the ability to map out, strategize, and solve problems or implement plans. If you notice a Taurus doing any of the above, nurture them back. It is unfortunate, because they often fear that their sensitivity will lead them to be rejected or hurt. They will often suffer from extreme insecurity and hurt when they have their heart broken, feeling unworthy of love during the healing process. However, they do not crave constant activity, often needing to recharge and relax after a long day. They are constantly concerned with making everything around them pleasurable and lovely to look at. If they have been in a relationship for a long time, it will also take a long time for them to get accustomed to being single again. Physical creatures, they often use their body a lot, pacing and waving their hands, exhausting themselves in an angry fit. They take it to heart when they see people who need a compassionate hand, and will always live for the people they care about. They are revered by many different groups of people and are impressively creative. They are a nurturer, so if you see them getting protective over you, it is a good sign that they are fond of you and want to keep you safe. A Cancer is an amazing match for a Taurus, because they will relate to a Taureans need for security and deep, serious relationships. However, they are known to procrastinate, because they do not always need to be in action. They will have one of the happiest home lifes and be a couple with an unshakeable bond. These two people know how to take care of each other and they have a super solid foundation knowing how trustworthy the person they love is. When a Taurus sees how kind and compassionate you are, they melt, and they often open up and start to reciprocate that kindness. People born under Taurus tend to want to settle down while Sagittarians tend to want to drift around. Taurus Humor A Taurus is very observational. Make them understand that you too are interested, because they can discourage themselves and end up guarding their advances. Taurus Ideal Date A Taurus loves the finer things in life, and also adores going out to eat or try new beverages. Taurus and Libra Compatibility: A Taurus boasts strong observational skills.

Taurus dating another taurus

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