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Revelations online beta dates

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Gunslingers offer high and precise ranged damage. The game also contains a large amount of costumes and items for further customizing your appearance. Will we be able to play the Assassin class in CBT? Vanguards act as main tanks and specialize in physical close combat, with heavy armor and a focus on survival skills. They are highly sought after on teams. What are the system specification for the game? On June 6, , My. Ru, who jointly announced it would publish the game in Russia. Can you explain the social system in Revelation Online? Can you explain the features of the character creation process? Edit Each guild creates their own emblem and flag. What kind of PvP does Revelation Online have? Try various builds; choose your ultimate skills carefully and rule combat your own way! By collecting resources, guilds can build their own fortress which will provide unique recipes, items and mission for members of the guild. With high precise damage they hunt down individual targets from afar or use advanced weaponry for mid-range deterrence. Assassin's strike from the shadows as a physical melee DPS with some mid-range capabilities. The game reached the open beta stage in China in June

Revelations online beta dates

Try various builds; choose your ultimate skills carefully and rule combat your own way! There are currently 6 character classes to choose from and none of them are exclusive to the choice of gender for your character: The game also has a "seasonal" ladder with rewards. Dungeons will require either 5 or 10 player to complete and raids will require up to 20 players. Revelation Online provides the following PvE activities: How many dungeons and raids will the game have at launch? In Revelation Online, players will be able to fly around the world of Nuanor as they seek information on a myth about a legendary artifact. Edit The game will have multiple dungeons, multiple raids and an epic world boss at launch. Edit When you complete your first quests, the game will let you taste what it feels like to fly with your own wings. Edit Revelation Online will feature open world PvP, duels, battlegrounds, arenas, castle sieges and territorial wars. Is it the only way to travel? What are the system specification for the game? Edit There is a wide range of customization possibilities. It is not part of the CBT focus. Excellent control and escape skills allow Blademasters to cut through wave after wave of enemies. What are the guild features of the game? The game reached the open beta stage in China in June After the first few hours of the game you will be able to explore the whole world, including dangerous high level zones, using your wings without further restrictions. They have stealth capabilities, wearing light armour. They are focused on powerful magic damage, specializing in area of effect spells. Blademasters focus on burst damage and escape skills to dash in and out of combat. There are weekly territorial wars in which you can fight on the ground, in the air and even underwater. Can I start flying anywhere from the beginning? Occultists can directly heal allies as well. Ru, who jointly announced it would publish the game in Russia.

Revelations online beta dates

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