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Private dating scan cardiff

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I personally have to say that the whole experience is worth the cost of the scan and in many cases I can see how some parents to be would find the 4d scan very reassuring. Whether you need a first scant date your pregnancy or a fast-result gender scan, we offer a wide range of pregnancy scans, ultrasound screening, and Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests NIPT. They put both myself and my mum at ease and explained every aspect what we were seeing, as well as answering any questions we had. Many of our baby scan clinics now also now offer HD Live, the very latest in ultrasound technology. The teams at our Window to the Womb clinics understand that having a baby is a life experience that you will want to treasure and share with your loved ones. The staff at the Cardiff clinic were fantastic throughout our short time at the clinic. Just like the waiting room the scan room was lovely and warm and softly lit. All of our clinics use the highest specification ultrasound technology and we are privileged to offer you a way of checking all is well with baby and sharing the amazing first glimpses of your unborn baby with a unique private Window to the Womb ultrasound scan. The Medical Physicist performing the scan will slide the handheld probe up and down the area being examined. Our safe, comfortable and welcoming baby scan clinics offer the perfect destination whether you: This contributes to an unsurpassed quality image for our clinicians. Our full range of private ultrasound scans for men include abdominal scans, testes and scrotum screening and kidneys ureters and prostate scans. It allows assessment of the blood flow through the major veins and arteries, such as those in the legs, arms and neck. Abnormal blood flow, such as a narrowing or occlusion of the major vessels can be detected. Our pregnancy scans are longer than those offered by most other providers. For instance, early scan appointments are 20 minutes long, allowing us to provide full support, care and peace of mind. This is certainly an exciting time for you and your family.

Private dating scan cardiff

We have been scanning expectant mums for over 14 years and have already introduced over , babies to their parents! Our scans last between minutes depending on the package purchased, although you will be with us between minutes. By the time I had managed to park it was five minutes before my appointment time so we headed straight into the clinic. These include pelvic scans fertility tests, post menopause tests, upper abdominal scans and kidneys, ureters and bladder scans. Our gender scans are We were directed through some double doors and along the corridor to the Babybond waiting room were I checked in. Fair play these cyclists put themselves through it!! Our safe, comfortable and welcoming baby scan clinics offer the perfect destination whether you: Our pregnancy scans are longer than those offered by most other providers. Please note we only scan you for long enough to achieve the purpose of the scan. Window to the Womb clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission, which governs clinics, doctors surgeries, dentists, hospitals and more. So when we got home I showed them to the boys and dad of three. Welcome to Window to the Womb Congratulations on your pregnancy! Jane then proceeded to take measurements of baby in order to be able to give an estimated weight of baby, as well as carrying out a well-being checklist. The patient will be asked to lie on a couch and a small amount of gel applied to the skin of the area being examined. Once I had signed the form and handed it back to the member of staff I was shown into the scan room where I was greeted by Jane who is the owner and senior sonographer of the Cardiff Babybond Clinic. More About Window to the Womb Established in , Window to the Womb was created to offer proud, expectant parents the amazing opportunity to privately check that all is well with baby plus the ability to see life like pictures and movies of their baby in stunning 4D using the latest in ultrasound technology. There was also a little folder with babies measurements and estimated weight, 2 black and white 2d scan prints and 4 thermal 3d scan prints. You can also find Babybond on facebook. I wish I had had the opportunity to have a 4d scan with my previous pregnancies as it was such a fantastic experience and made me feel much closer to baby. The clinician can phone and get an appointment for his patient either the same or next working day. Ultrasound Services for Women's and Men's Health We also offer a full range of private ultrasound scans for women. I was also very curious about the whole 4d scan experience as have heard so many friends and other people talking about what a magical experience they had had when having one. We went to the Cardiff Babybond clinic which has been there for about four years now, there are two other clinics in the southwest region which are located in Bristol and Swindon. No special preparation is required for a Doppler Scan.

Private dating scan cardiff

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