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Libra dating a pisces man

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I find her liveliness invigorating and uplifting, and we resonate so well together. It is very true about their reclusive behavior. Pisces man Libra woman compatibility initially seems strong. I was always there for him anytime and anyway. Needy, emotional, moody, broody, dependent, unambitious, lazy, crazy, mental, stuck in a constant state of mental fantasy, insecure to extremes that defy words. I would actually walk away from my marriage for him if I thought we had a chance. It will be a tough nut to crack. The mystery of not figuring out what the partner desires will make times spent in the bedroom extremely exciting, and creative. He told me he wanted to be famous so that people would look up to him. Don't let them catch you in a lie. I don't know what is wrong with these Pisces men - all are like this only! I am a Libra woman and I have been with my amazing Pisces man for 4 years! I found out many secrets about him after losing my virginity- I found out how many people he'd kissed before, and he was very loose with himself. I often feel like that though and each time I see her I guess I question if it's just me.

Libra dating a pisces man

He is honestly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Libra, meanwhile, is the archetypal Idealist, always searching for the perfect life, the perfect partner, the perfect everything. The Pisces man will need to make an effort in his day to day life to be organized and remove any form of slack. In many ways, Libra is searching for what Pisces already has, except that Libra wants the dream to be a reality, while Pisces is quite content for it to remain a dream. I am a Pisces man and I can say that your post are interesting. You have to show them you care, so that they can show you the same. I'd literally gotten to the point where I would bark demands at him with my Aries rising and all , and he'd happily oblige, of course. They put each other on pedestals from which they can only both fall. It is what you make of it. The Pisces symbol is two fish. I am a Libra woman who met my Pisces man in 9th grade. If there is an issue, the two may over think the problem which will have an immediate impact on how they behave in the bedroom. No one has ever treated me like a queen the way he does. The questioning of Libra will raise suspicions in Pisces with painful ease. I had used to hate him because I knew he had smoked pot in the past and he made out with my best friend within the first few minutes of dating. It will enrich your life. And I'm glad I did, he offers something special, something deeper than I ever could have imagined. It might drift along somewhat aimlessly at times, and at other times the couple might circle one another warily, neither really providing what the other needs, but there is a certain kind of magic here when it works well, and that can often be enough. During our relationship I became very distant over time due to life complications. How about second man. Because when you make a Libra women mad, she can really be a Bitch that you hate you ever met. But slowly, I started letting him in. I find her liveliness invigorating and uplifting, and we resonate so well together. The immature Pisces man seeks oblivion through substance abuse or other addictions. If he Truelly Loves me like he say he does, then he would do everything in his power to see me. Sometimes a Libra woman will pretend to be in the mood to please him, but a Pisces man wilts in response, since he cannot be fooled.

Libra dating a pisces man

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