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How to date a cougar

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Exploring sexual fantasies and testing limits is the name of the game, so be ready for some adventure. You can really get an idea of what your cougar woman is looking for and make sure that if you do go on a date with her, you're likely to be on the same wavelength. The key to bagging your cougar date in this scenario is to keep it light. Before you approach your target cougar, think about possible ways you can demonstrate value as a potential boyfriend - namely focus on your conversation topics and make sure you stay away from dumbass behavior like discussing your favorite football team. Play it right and your date with a cougar could turn into a night you'll remember for a long time to come. For our sense, women are the same. Securing your date with a cougar When you're first talking to your cougar either online or in the 'real world' it pays to remember that no two cougars are the same. Milfs and Gilfs alike are coveted for their laid back demeanor and sexual prowess, and more young men are taking the wise approach and going straight to the source of knowledge. So go instead to a quiet bar where you can get to know her properly, rather than to a packed out club where you have to shout to be heard. Madonna, Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani, JLo, Lisa Bonet and many other goddesses over the age of 45 are regarded as some of the hottest women in the world and have the pick of the litter when it comes to their dating pool. You don't want to commit to a whole two or three hour meal with a much older woman if you haven't seen her in person. Some may want a boyfriend - possibly a fit young guy to have on her arm. Where to take a cougar on your first date There's no big secret to this one. Get in with the right people and it could mean making important business connections of your very own.

How to date a cougar

Dating sites like Victoria Milan bring you together with like minded women looking for the same thing you are. Your time together will most likely be short-lived, yet passionate. Online dating is also a great tool in your quest to date a cougar. Most guys are looking to date a cougar like this - a hot older chick who's a bit of a good time girl at heart and wants to have some fun with a capital F. Her tenacity may compel her to pick up the tab or take you on a weekend adventure out of town. Not only can it be quite a relief to be the one being wined-and-dined for a change, but the pursuit can be incredibly sexy and invigorating. Older women will be more direct and upfront about what they want and what works for them. The cougar is confident, successful and she takes what she wants from life, which is something we all certainly can stand to learn from. So go find them, and when you do, be confident, be cool and remember the reason most cougars are looking for a younger man is because they're bored of the slipper wearing, couch potato guys of their own age. She Takes Control As you may know, in the case of the great lion, or king of cats, the lioness commands the family unit. More and more cougars are heading into bars and clubs to check out the young cougarbait on offer. Play it right and your date with a cougar could turn into a night you'll remember for a long time to come. She enjoys a break from the men her age who push marriage while you get to relax with a fun, successful, and seductive woman. Take heed, as this precious wisdom was most likely painstakingly earned during the many awkward sexual encounters she had in her younger years. The benefit of online dating is that you get to sound out your cougar for a while first by swapping messages and maybe even photos. If you choose to date a cougar who you met online and therefore haven't spoken to much if at all it's a good idea to take her to a bar for your first date. So you're ready to date a cougar but where are you going to find her? For our sense, women are the same. They are in charge of protecting and providing for the whole group. One final piece of advice when it comes to getting your date with a cougar - don't ruin the vibe by talking about the age gap like it's some kind of sexual fantasy that you want to explore. Finding a cougar to date in a bar should be fairly straightforward. Enjoy letting her take charge for once, it can be really hot. Securing your date with a cougar When you're first talking to your cougar either online or in the 'real world' it pays to remember that no two cougars are the same. Where to find a cougar date? Here we recommend the two proven places to meet a cougar woman: Just like girls in their 20s, cougar women vary enormously in what they are looking for from a man.

How to date a cougar

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