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Hepatitis c dating someone with

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That is because they have had to dig deep within themselves to find their own personal strength. I really thought that death was coming quickly. The Hypochondriac — Oddly enough, some people are attracted to sick people. It is easier for both the husband and the wife to lock themselves away from the world, rather than constantly explaining and having to deal with the negative reactions to those they share their story with. I know that yours will too. Come to find out, he wanted to control my life. Let us know at contact HepatitisC. I am all about mercy and love. They have looked death in the eye and then shoved it out of their way. My story has a happy ending. When to Tell Often, people do not know what hepatitis C is or what it means when someone says they have it. Rather than refusing to answer a question, you may find it better to ask why they are asking, so you can understand what their thoughts are and address them, even if you choose to do so without sharing information you may prefer to keep to yourself. If you are stage 4 cirrhosis like me, you may not have the energy. I wanted SVR so that my poor liver would get a break from all the inflammation. Dating guys from church, or other social venues made me uncomfortable.

Hepatitis c dating someone with

These times test marriages and committed relationships, either bringing them closer together or tearing them apart. The side effects may have left you looking like something from a horror film. However, building toward a long-lasting relationship takes risk and trust and working together to share information can be a bonding experience for two people who choose to be open with each other. How do you tell other singles you have Hepatitis C? That is because they have had to dig deep within themselves to find their own personal strength. Until then, I am your Best Friend. You know how to use your head when choosing who to spend time with. He really wanted to take care of someone! These were the extreme sides to those individuals. Overall, choosing to share any medical information can be a scary thought and it should happen when you feel ready to disclose. We played Wii when I had the energy and worked giant crossword puzzles. Do not judge me. It's time to meet your Match and fill your life with happiness! Most healthcare providers do not consider Hepatitis C to be a sexually transmitted disease because the risk of acquiring this virus via sexual contact is extremely slim. My story has a happy ending. Dating and Hepatitis C may not seem to go together in your mind. There is probably nothing you can ever go through that they will not stand beside you and offer strength and hope. I looked fairly good after a blood transfusion and had a little color in my cheeks. I felt like the Bride of Dracula except my hair did not look as good as hers. I always love you, Karen: But if you stand by them, you will find out that they can be the most loyal partner, friend and lover you will ever have whether they are undetectable or not. I dated this one guy a few times and he had my transplant planned and paid for. He talked down about people who were sick, like it was their fault. I really thought that death was coming quickly. What to Tell For those with hepatitis C for a period of time, the medical information may sound like common knowledge. If you are stage 4 cirrhosis like me, you may not have the energy. When you decide to share your diagnosis, be prepared for reactions and questions that may seem offensive or ignorant.

Hepatitis c dating someone with

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