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Gifted adult dating website

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And sometimes you don't even know how unhappy you are until you see or feel something else that you believe will make you happier. Lessons Learned Learn to make lifelong friends, especially in the university years The university years may in fact be one of the best times for GTs to make lifelong friends. One possible hypothesis regarding the "missing pieces" is that first marriages are often based on superficial relationship indicators like attractive looks and those who are socializing in similar age groups at that particular time such as in friendship circles during high school and college study years , as well as limits such as geographical location. They admitted later that they could have avoided these relationships if they had taken a harder and longer look at both the the character that these people showed over time and at the lack of shared interests, complementary abilities and common moral values. Pay less attention to the gender of potential friends. And those who do leave and struggle to find that "missing piece" can take solace in knowing they are not alone. Perhaps because I am looking for such examples, but also perhaps it is that being an intense gifted person often leads to having a love life that is never satisfying enough- or at least that takes quite a while to perfect. GTs Can Be Excellent Marital Partners and Have Excellent Marriages and Families There are a number of factors in giftedness — intellectual and aesthetic depth, emotional sensitivity, compassion, insight into others, etc. My friend once told me about an event she attended with several other leaders in the field of gifted education. Further study on this subject is recommended so as to explore whether there are ways to promote better relationship matches between gifted adults or therapy that can be used to encourage gifted adults to mend the relationships they would otherwise separate from. Acknowledging that you are gifted, and that being gifted is okay, then you can begin the true vision of your life; you must be yourself for true happiness and to be able to fully contribute to society in the ways you can. It is quite possible that beginning relationships settle into the monotony of real life quicker then gifted young adults are ready for. If a gifted partner grows at a different rate or in a different direction, it is most likely going to create stress. There was a real attraction of the souls as well as a social compatibility and physical attraction. They may have very little in common; in fact, the prospective other may have deep problems with addictions, goals, employment or other major factors which disqualify this person from being a realistic long range romantic prospect. Could it be that gifted traits also include a tendency to outgrow our partners or to develop so intensely in some areas and so slowly in others that we leave our partners behind?

Gifted adult dating website

A strong marriage or partnership may be able sustain continued disagreements or violations of trust, but sometimes the ability to balance the disagreements and disappointments that come from crossed boundaries and broken trust with the long term love and commitment to the relationship come after a person has already experienced failure. My friend once told me about an event she attended with several other leaders in the field of gifted education. A survey of gifted individuals who divorced their first spouses could help us isolate the most popular issues in such doomed relationships. The experiences that build people also sometimes build them away from those who are growing beside them. Being gifted includes a constant patchwork of thoughts, actions and events that come together in new ways like kaleidoscope pictures. I imagine that these people fall into another type of gifted adult category that is different than my own, and that of my multi — marriage friends. I remember a lovely story that illustrates these ideas. These are the specific abilities that so often produce the recognized gifted adult, the ground-breaking physicist, the great philosopher, the peace-making diplomat, the successful entrepreneur. Those gifted individuals who continue to pursue academic and career goals against the odds are seeking rewards that are socially acceptable and encouraged; while those who are doing illegal activities like taking drugs or stealing would be considered as acting outside of socially acceptable norms. Someone more in touch with their interests and their needs may come along, or perhaps they will just need the space and yearn for a life without needing to constantly justify their interests. In these cases when problems arise, the disparity in abilities and interests often fuels the vehemence and stubbornness in a quarrel by the partner that feels himself or herself to be at a disadvantage. She was the receptionist and was in her early sixties. Sometimes this may even occur with some distorted perceptions of that other person passed on, and a request to report what that person may say. We worked at a research centre. That being said, you may have the chance to meet people whom you find you want to be close with over a long period of time — including fellow GTs — and the university years are a good time to find these others over common interests. I remember meeting an incredibly interesting woman at work when I was years-old. Research shows the gIfted adults who are in satisfying relationships experience better health and have more confidence than those who do not have close friends or partners. Should the characteristics lists also include a need for novelty and intellectual and emotional stimulation that causes an overwhelming struggle their whole life to achieve? There is also an issue of gifted people who find love with those who are not gifted. But after isolating those issues, the question could be discussed and analyzed regarding whether there are more multiple marriages and divorces within the population of individuals with high intellect and gifted characteristics and traits, or not. If you are highly gifted, the number of people with an IQ similar to yours diminishes even further, making it even more difficult to locate potential friends and romantic partners in the general population. And yet I am still left pondering the same questions I started with. Being able to form a viable romantic relationship, though, definitely challenges the stereotype of GTs some people have, and outside interference from those who are not real romantic rivals is a real possibility. GTs Can Be Excellent Marital Partners and Have Excellent Marriages and Families There are a number of factors in giftedness — intellectual and aesthetic depth, emotional sensitivity, compassion, insight into others, etc. We talk about not always feeling content and we all know when a friend isn't

Gifted adult dating website

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