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Fender bass guitar dating

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Tone Capacitors to Initially, when the Fender Stratocaster was introduced in , it had a single layer white pickguard attached with 8 screws. Fender used Kluson tuners exclusively on all models. Note some models such as the Jazzmaster and Jaquar the use of Kluson tuners ended in mid see below. A virgin Stratocaster pickup assembly with no broken solder joints, "black bottom" pickups, "cloth" wire, flat box-shaped paper tone cap, rubber pickup springs, flat edge 3-way switch, CTS pots, and an aluminum pickguard shield all attached to a "green" pickguard. This case looks similar to the black molded Fender cases of the 's, except this case is brown, thicker, a little shorter in length, and the interior is not blue. They instead used the paint stick to suspend the body while drying. This allowed Fender to be less picky with their choice of Alder, because the sunburst is less transparent. The s Fender gig bag, an alternative to the more expensive rectangle hard shell tweed case. From to early , these parts were made from white urea formaldehyde, commonly and incorrectly known as "bakelite" bakelite is actually a trade name for phenol formaldehyde, and is most commonly black or molted brown; for consistency, I will refer to these white pickup covers as "bakelite", though in fact they are not. Modern Fender production guitars, to the present, have their ID numbers on the front or back of the headstock near the Fender decal. In Fender decided to start making reissued vintage guitars. Shims were used between a Fender neck and body to adjust the "neck set" of the instrument the "neck set" is the angle of the neck in relationship to the body; if the neck set is too shallow, it needs a shim so the playing action can be lowered with the bridge to a comforable level.

Fender bass guitar dating

Shown below is a three patent number switch and brown center wheel. This way the country of origin and the date of production can be coded into the serial number. DuoSonics, MusicMasters, Mustangs and other low-end models had white plastic tips, all other models had metal tips. Bass 6 , to All tips about and later say "PAT. Just keep this in mind. In either case, all original Tele switch tips have some stampings on their bottom side. Also by the rosewood changed from Brazilian to Indian rosewood. Seemingly for this year only, most Stratocasters have a green square "chicklet" style tone cap this may include other models too. Note early Strat knobs have a different and taller shape than late and later knobs. The s Fender gig bag, an alternative to the more expensive rectangle hard shell tweed case. Some Fender necks produced have a "small strong V", where the neck isn't so big feeling, but still has a very strong "V" shape mostly seen on Musicmasters and Duosonics, and the occassional Strat. In the 's, this metal shield was much thicker. The Telecaster or Precision bass type metal knobs with the small set screw which was tightened against the pot's solid shaft to hold the knob was better with a solid shaft pot. The case included with these Fender guitars was a Jennings case, which was similar in dimensions to a California rectangle Fender case, but not as stylish. The Mexican serial numbers start by following the same lettering pattern that American Fender guitar had in the s using the letter "N" to indicate the s. Black for ground, white for "hot". Fender used "single line" Kluson tuners, that had "Kluson Deluxe" stamped in a single vertical row like and later Klusons ; these are easily identified as "early" Klusons and not and later Klusons because "PAT APPLD" is also stamped below the vertical "Deluxe" marking. Click here to see a comparison of vintage versus reissue Kluson tuners. This left a visible paint stick shadow inside the neck pocket. Due to production times and shipping dates, there is an overlap between each years guitars. In this case the single layer thickness increased to. Fender also made available Custom Color finishes. All other sizes were available by special order only. Old style Telecaster bridges. The picture at the bottom is a mid to style Tele bridge with "smooth" saddles, and no serial number on the bridge plate. Usually the color is black for ground and white for "hot".

Fender bass guitar dating

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