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Dating an old western electric telephone

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In order to make or answer a telephone call, the user lifted the receiver off the switch hook, thereby activating an internal switch connecting the telephone to the telephone line. They would later replace the vented pickup cup with the standard non-vented type. I do not have wiring diagrams for other models of payphones. WE Spacesavers always require an external subset. The outer edge of the dial has been stripped and repainted with a gloss black enamel. For an extra fee, telephones and subscriber sets could be ordered in several other colors, both flat colors or hues with metallic luster. How much is my phone worth? Does it have a 5-conductor line cord yellow, black, white, red and green wires? I have enough to do with a day job, keeping a house running and in decent condition, and do the hobby stuff. Refer to the following sketches click on a sketch and you will go to that model's web page: The coil, condenser, handset, transmitter element and reciever element has the date as you can see by the pictures.

Dating an old western electric telephone

What can I check first to make sure the bell is not broken? The anti-sidetone circuitry contained a modified transmission hybrid transformer induction coil that reduced sidetone to proper levels. In , Western Electric reissued the painted in several colors, in an effort to use up these existing parts stocks, and to satisfy the growing demand for color telephones. Only the model had this handset. With the new circuit variants, this became insufficient, resulting in the distinction between series hand telephone sets and series hand telephones. Because of its styling, and influence on future telephone design, the Ericofon is considered one of the most significant industrial designs of the 20th century and is in the collection of Museum of Modern Art. Buy in bulk and save Product Description Here is a very nice, very original Western Electric telephone. Early on the dates took the form of a Roman numeral followed by Arabic figures, like II At Porticus, we do not know the value of items, we simply are a historical database of documentation. A Western Electric candlestick phone from the s. With the introduction of anti-sidetone circuits in subscriber telephones in , Western Electric began assigning assembly codes to telephones based on the electrical configuration. A simple wiring change in the phone is needed to change it over to bridged ringing. Handset — The E1 handset has been ultrasonically cleaned to get all embedded debris out. The desk set was connected to the subscriber set with a four-conductor mounting cord. Do you have a web page on the older models? One of the names which still exists is Lucent Technologies. The structured cabling business of Western Electric, which was part of Lucent, was also spun-off the same year, and was part of Avaya. Our finish is much more durable than the original finish or any other finish available. I don't hear any tones when any of the buttons are pressed - just a weak clicking sound. His name is Stefan Schmaus and he lives in Germany. We don't do appraisals or even try to give "ball park" figures. I have an old candlestick phone and am trying to wire it up, how do I do that? The A1 was only distributed for a very short time until the B-type telephone mount model telephone was completed in , a streamlined design that replaced the tube-shaft with a sculpted cone shape. However, all is not lost. The B-type handset mounting was a resculpted variety that integrated the vertical shaft into the contours of the still circular base. There are various old telephone parts suppliers on the Internet from whom you can purchase a subset. See Western Electric Ringers web page for more info.

Dating an old western electric telephone

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