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Cowboys for angels dating

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I liked the idea of Dan and Gideon finding love together while navigating real life. Dressed in a tight black T-shirt with the blue Cowboy and Angels logo and jeans that molded his ass, he stood like a giant in the middle of the destruction. But, even with all the little imperfections, it was a good book with a lot of potential. Originally from Texas, at six foot five, Gideon was two hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle. I will read the next book in this series when it comes out. He also goes to college to get a business degree hoping someday to own his own bar. The setting is fun and the characters are intriguing. Crushes on unattainable guys were the pits. Their attention was fixed on the baseball bat Dan was smacking into one hand. I was disappointed by his character at first, but at the end, he won my sympathy when he starts to really act and show his intentions toward Dan, then I was team Gideon all the way. It was all just He was convinced he was going to end the evening in the ER, with stitches and a concussion. That was their usual Friday-night entertainment at their favorite bar. I am sure others will love this book, but it was a miss for me.

Cowboys for angels dating

Book One Will a mix of privilege and blue collar be a recipe for love… or disaster? That would have been a good idea until Gideon stepped in, and he revealed his bisexuality and tells Dan that he wants to accompany him to the wedding. He held out his free hand and hauled her off the floor in one smooth move. For a moment the action continued. She tells good stories and I could see what the author wanted to do with this story but it was a big miss, unfortunately. Cat gives this one 4 Meows with a 3 Purr heat index So far Dan had never had to use the bat, and he intended to keep it that way. From the pained grunt, he could tell it made contact with someone. That was their usual Friday-night entertainment at their favorite bar. Dan also spends the entire book basically apologizing for being gay, trying to make everyone else comfortable around him because he's gay by sublimating anything that he might do that would show any customers, friends, family, etc that he is gay and trying to talk Gideon out of doing or being seen as gay as well. I found it interesting and was curious. Could Gideon really be interested in Dan? A truly wonderful tale with a very romantic love story that I can easily recommend. I am sure others will love this book, but it was a miss for me. SB is a good author. She had no shame. Cowboys and Angels was a long established blue-collar bar, not a place for Wall Street suits or hipsters. A fight was added entertainment. Gideon lost his wife and son in a car accident right before Dan came to work for him and grieving took up the majority of his time — well, that and caring for spoiling his daughter Ariel - up until recently. Gideon has been interested in Dan for a while now but the revelation comes as a surprise to Dan who has a major crush i. The only moment when he really did something…it was too late. She lives on the outskirts of London with her two dogs and two kids. When I say this is slow paced, I mean it. Dan's best friend is getting married. It is pretty slow build and the actual romance doesn't come till later in the book and the hook-up and sex very late, but it's hot when we get it.

Cowboys for angels dating

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